Contact me with any queries -

What is the cost?

The costing will depend on what you require for your project.

Costs start from around $500 up to $1000 for a basic website including domain name registration, website development, graphic design elements and web hosting for one year. 

Additional costs for logo development and any special requirements.

Ongoing costs include web hosting per year and website maintenance.

Building my own website, who do you suggest?

For any DIY website builder I suggest trialing the service to see if you can work with the software and get the result you are looking for.

Squarespace provides a good service and works well if you have nice images. 

Shopify is the market leader for self managed online shops.

Weebly looks like good value, providing websites and online stores.

Strikingly also looks cost effective, offering a nice looking, easy to edit option although I have not used it myself.

How does ongoing maintenance work?

You email me an update request or any new content you want added and I can upgrade the website for you. Smaller updates will be done automatically without a specific quote. Larger changes can be quoted as requested.

You will be emailed you when the work is completed.

All maintenance work is logged and listed on accounts when they are prepared. 

What if I decide to move my website and domain name elsewhere?

That is fine, just ask your new website developer to contact me and I can provide all the details. If your website has been built in Wordpress you will need to find someone who can manage and transfer using Wordpress.

Everything you have paid for is owned by you including the website and your domain name, so it can be moved at any time. 

Who owns my domain name and website once completed?

PT Media registers your domain name on your behalf and manages registration for you but you always own the domain name. All work activity you have paid for is owned by you including the website and your domain name so it can be moved at any time.